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Guide Services

This listing is provided as a resource. No claims are made as to the skills, ability or services provided.

Ozark Mountain Guide Company
Bryan Bade provides guide serve in the Ozarks. Bryan can be contacted by email at or by calling 314-560-3323.

TIGHTLINE Guide Service
Sam Potter works out of Rolla, MO and provides guide services on the Big Piney, Current River and other streams in the area.
Web site

River Run Outfitters
Carol and Stan Parker own and operate a full servide fly shop on Lake Taneycomo. They have a team of guides that work out of the shop and provide service on Lake Taneycomo.
Web site

Chartered Waters
Brett Rader works out of his shop in Hollister, MO on Lake Taneycomo. Brett knows the lake and provides guide services on the lake.
Web site

River of Life Farms
Brian Wise works out of the Farm and guides on the North Fork of the White River in Missouri
Web site

Spring River Flies and Guides
is located on the Missouri/Arkansas border. Mark Crawford guides on the Spring River in Thayer/Mammoth.
Web Site

Eleven Point Fly Fishing/Cottages
Brian Shloss guides on the Eleven Point River for trout and smallmouth bass.
Web site

Stream Side Adventures
Norm Crisp provides guide services in Missouri as well as in Wyoming and abroad.
Web site

Long Boat
Kyle Kosovich provides guide services in the scenic Ozarks fishing for trout, bass and panfish.
Web site

Missouri Trout Hunter
Walt Fulps provides guide services for trout on the Meramic River Red Section and Mill Creek. He also provides trips to Alaska.
Web Site

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The Renegade Fly

This Fore and Aft pattern can be used on both river and lake. In small sizes it can work as a midge cluster pattern and, in larger sizes, it might be considered an attractor pattern. Devised in Idaho on the Malad River by guide Taylor "Beartracks" Williams in 1928 (The original versions had white hackle front and aft until 1936 when the rear hackle became brown.), it was an excellent pattern for cutthroat trout. The pattern is a Fore and Aft construction that had been popular in Europe for centuries. The Renegade became one of the most popular Fore and Aft patterns developed in modern times. It has a white front hackle for superb visibility. The rear brown hackle provides stable positioning on the water and the peacock herl body has been an ultimate material for attractor patterns such as the Zug Bug and Royal Coachman. Williams became the first guide at the Sun Valley Lodge in 1937 and was a close friend to Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway spoke favorably of the Renegade pattern from experiences with wary rainbows on Silver Creek in 1940. He remained a close fishing companion of Taylor "Beartracks" Williams until Williams' death in 1952. Numerous variations have sprung forth with the Reversed Renegade, Double Renegade, Renegade Nymph (Terry Hellekson, 1974), and Royal Renegade.

The Renegade can be fished either as a wet fly or dry fly. As a dry fly, the Renegade can be cast upstream towards feeding trout. The Double Hackles provide excellent floatation and visibility. Another method is to cast across and slightly upstream, letting the fly float downstream. Once the fly is below you, pull it upstream as a wet pattern. Choice of hackle materials will determine whether the pattern is primarily a wet fly or dry fly. You can use the stiffer rooster saddles for excellent floatation as a dry pattern or use Hen Saddles for a wet pattern. Either way, they are tied in a collar style. On lakes, the pattern can be a good choice when trout are feeding on chironomid emergers particularly during the early evening , used with a floating line and floro leader.

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Didymo - Rock Snot

dodymo Didymo, or rock snot, is a single-celled alga that can take over a stream making it impossible to fish. Help keep rock snot out of Missouri. Use wader wash stations at trout areas before entering a stream. Check your waders and fishing gear for algae. Clean all gear in a 2 percent bleach solution or with dishwashing detergent, or dry any item that's been in the water by exposing it to sunlight for 48 hours.

Note:To minimize the spread of didymo, pouous-soled waders and boots are prohibited in trout parks and other cold water trout streams.

Report Stream Pollution

If you find dead fish, leaking barrels of unknown chemicals, municipal or livestock lagoons discharging poorly treated effluent, broken pipelines, or unauthorized dredging or bulldozing polluting a stream, report it as soon as possible to the Department of Natural Resource's 24-hour environmental emergency response number 573.634.2436.

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Missouri Fly Shops

This listing is not meant to be a complete list of all fly shops in Missouri or that serve residents of Missouri. As more fly shop become known they will be listed. If you have a favorite fly shop in Missouri and it is not listed, contact the web master.

Chartered Waters
1326 Acacia Club Road
Hollister, MO 65672
Web Site
8307 Manchester Road
P.O. Box 440128
Saint Louis, MO 63144
Web Site
KK Fly Fisher's Supply Inc.
8643 Grant Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Web Site
Larry's Sporting Goods
25976 State Highway 64A
Lebanon, MO 65536
Web Site
Lilley's Landing
367 RiverLane Road
Branson, MO 65616
Web Site
Plateau Fly Shop
2863 South Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65807
Web Site
Rainbow Fly Shop
4621 South Shank Drive
Independence, MO 64055
Web Site
Reading's Fly Shop
11937 Highway 64
Lebanon, MO 65536
Face Page
Reed's Cabin Fly Shop
9300 Highway 119
Salemn, MO 65560
Web Site
RiverRun Outfitters
2626 State Highway 165
Branson, MO 65616
Web Site
T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc.
9024 Manchester Road
Saint Louis, MO 63144
Web Site
Tim's Fly Shop
23387 State Highway 112
Cassville, Mo 65625
Weaver's Tackle Shop
1388 Highway 64
Lebanon, MO 65536
Web Site

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