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Synthetic Materials
From the Caddis Fly Shop

Synthetic fly tying materials may be a product of the modern world, but these materials are rapidly joining the ranks of our most favored, most fundamental fly tying must-haves, available in upwards of fifty colors and textures suitable for the smallest chironomid or midge wing to the largest saltwater streamer fly.

Whether you tie flies for trout, pan fish, bass, bonefish, tarpon, carp, salmon, or steelhead, chances are good that you reach for a synthetic fly tying material.

Each synthetic material produces has an intriguing history, starting with from the moment someone imagined using it on a fly hook. The material’s heritage includes consultations with manufacturers; evaluating its dye, color, and reflective qualities; tying flies with evolving product samples; fishing flies constructed with the new material, developing an attractive and cost-effective packaging, conceiving a snappy name for the product, and finally, giving the new material sufficient time to be tested at fly bench on water by pro and amateur tyers around the world.

The very first stage on the potential production line is a question regarding potential need. Is there a genuine need for anything new in the fly tying materials department? Turns out that there is great need for synthetic fly tying materials these days, and the need is only likely to increase over time. This is true because the supply of natural and domesticated birds and animals we formerly obtained our fly tying materials from is declining, while the demand for quality fly tying materials is growing.....Hareline Materials Company

Here are but a few examples of how synthetic fly tying materials have come into play in three basic elements of most flies: body dubbing, hackles, and wing materials.

Synthetic Dubbing Materials. Thirty years ago, many flies tied for trout, salmon and steelhead relied on Seal fur to create spikey, translucent dubbed bodies. For a variety of reasons, Seal fur is not available, and the quest for a good dubbing material has consumed fly tyers ever since the supply of traditional dubbing declined. Today many superior synthetic dubbing blends have replaced the traditional material. Ice Dub, STS Trilobal Dub, Senyo’s Lazer Dub, and Bob Borden’s Custom Blend (Hairline) are examples of synthetics, or synthetic blends that are likely used every day at the fly bench.

Synthetic Hackles. Synthetics fly tying materials have made a big splash in this fly tying materials category, although for the moment it is principally in the wet fly rather than dry fly world. Materials like the Pseudo Hackle, Krystal Hackle, UV Polar Chenille, Pseudo Marabou, are examples of synthetic hackle materials that are available in sizes for large and small flies, in a wide range of colors, and have the various desirable qualities like being shimmery, and wiggly; and have thus earned a reputation as dependable hackle substitutes on sunken flies that formerly relied entirely on natural feathers.

Synthetic Wing Materials. Pseudohair (by Hareline) is a superbly useful wing material. PseudoHair has a short, fine underfur and intermixed 3.5” guard hair. Many fly tyers have found Pseudohair an excellent substitute for Arctic Fox Tail hair, incorporating it into salmon, and steelhead flies, fresh and saltwater streamers and baitfish patterns. Baitfish Emulator Flash (Hareline) is another example of an innovative synthetic wing material, all regulars in the streamer and baitfish fly tying circle.

Synthetic materials for dry fly wings like Para Post Wing have replaced calf tail and calf hair on parachute flies, and the synthetic material is wonderful to work with. Mayflies and stone flies, dragon flies, too, are easier to tie and a delight to behold thanks to Web Wing, No-Fray Wing, Thin Wing, and Thick Wing synthetics that are cut either with scissors or with dandy wing cutter tools.

Expect the explosion of innovative synthetic fly tying materials to continue in the next five years like it has in the past five years. Is there a limit to what one can achieve with synthetics? Too soon to say. Are synthetic dry fly hackles in our future, or just more exciting dubbings and winging materials for wet flies? Again, it is simply too early to say.

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Flash Materials

Krystal FlashA favorite of many fly tiers. A fine synthetic crinkly-hair with highlights of rice lights. It is often used in conjunction with other hairs, both synthetic and natural, to highlight wingings and tailings.
Colors: Alaska-Fuschia, Copper, Gold, Green, Lt-Blue, Rainbow, Red, Royal-Blue, Silver.
PEARLESCENT'S: Black, Bonefisreneh-Pink, Bonefish Tan, Dk-Purple, Grey-Ghost, Hot-Orange, Hot-Yellow, Lime-Green, Med-Brown, Olive, Peacock, Pearl-Blue, Pearl-Red, Pearl, Pink, Purple, Rootbeer, Rusty-Brown, Smolt-Blue.
FLUORESCENT'S: Fl-Cersie, Fl-Chartreuse, Fl-Fire-Orange, Fl-Orange, Fl-Shrimp-Pink, Fl-Yellow.
ULTRA-VIOLET'S: UV-Blue, UV-Gray, UV-Herring-Black, UV-Orange, UV-Pearl, UV-Pink, UV-Purple, UV-Tan.
KrystalFlash Enlarge
Pearl Stiff Krystal Flash LongA material that is somewhat thicker and stiffer than Krystal Flash. Best quality is that the first 6-inches or so remains stiff and won't wrap around the hook when casting and stripping. KrystalFlash Enlarge
Grizzly Krystal
Great material to make a baitfish look like it is swimming. A very popular flash material that is barred two toned for a grizzled affect.
Colors: Black/White, Black/Red, Copper/Blue.
GrizzlyFlash Enlarge
Midge FlashThis material is similar to Krystal Flash but is much smaller in diameter. This is the smallest twisted mylar flash availabe. Can be used on small flies and large salt water streamers.
Colors: Baitfish-Blue, Black, Copper, Cream, Fl-Chartreuse, Fl-Fire-Orange, Fl-Yellow, Gold, Lt-Blue Dun, Olive, Peacock, Pearl, Pink, Purple, Red, Rootbeer, Silver, Tan, Yellow
MidgeFlash Enlarge
FlashabouA very popular material that is used for winging, tailing and ribbing. Excellent for streamers.
Colors: Black, Bronze, Bullfrog, Copper, Electric-Blue, Fuschia, Gold, Gun-Metal, Ice-Blue-Pearl, Kelly-Green, Lime-Green, Pearl, Perch, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Royal-Blue, Salt-n-Pepper, Silver, Sky-Blue, Sunburst.
Flashabou MirageThis material combines Flashabou's reflective qualities with new color-shifting technology to create an iridescent, chameleon effect in a single fiber.
Colors: Orange, Lt-Blue, Purple, Pink, Opal Fl-Yellow and Fl-Chartreuse.
Mirage Enlarge
Holographic FlashabouA multi-colored prismatic 3-D flash material
Colors:Black, Blue, Brown, Copper, Fire-Tiger, Fuchsia, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Silver and Yellow.
Holographic Enlarge
Micro-Pearl FlashabouThis is excellent material to use on midge and other small patterns. This pearl colored material is thinner than traditional flashabou, but is thicker to prevent curling. Micro-Pearl Enlarge
Saltwater FlashabouFlashabou that is cut extra-wide for those big salt water patterns.Saltwater Enlarge

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Synthetic Streamer Hair

Angle HairUsed for "winging" material on streamers. A very fine material, but durable and lays straight. Tie it sparse and it is very supple in the water. The colors blend very nicely in the water. It can also be chopped and mixed with dubbing.
Colors: Baitfish, Black, Blue, Blue-Ice, Bronze, Brown, Brown-Olive, Chartreuse, Copper, Dark-Blue, Electric-Pink, Electric-Yellow, Fl-Yellow, Fuschia, Gold, Grey, Holographic-Gold, Holographic-Polar-Ice, Holographic-Silver, Lime, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Peacock-Peacock, Pearl/Blue-Flash, Pearl/Gold-Flash, Pearl/Green-Flash, Pearl-Olive, Pearl/Purple-Flash, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Root-Beer, Rusty-Olive, Seafoam-Green, Silver.
Angelhair Enlarge
DNA Frosty
Fish Fiber
This fiber can be used as a top wing for Flash Clouser Minnow, blended with other streamer wing materials, or can be used on its own. A translucent, helical fiber that changes depth of tone from deep radiant hues that almost glow, to lighter shades of the same color with a frosty sheen, depending on how light hits the material. Mimics the behavior of light hitting the skin of natural baitfish.DNA Frosty Enlarge
DNA Holo
Chromosome Flash
This material has a translucency, flash, suppleness and crinkle that can be used anywhere Krystal Flash or Flashabou is used as an accent.It can be mixed with any natural or synthetic streamer streamer wing material to add realistic flash, or it can be used to tie an entire streamer. DNA Holo Enlarge
DNA Hold
A mixture of Frosty Fish Fiber and Holo Chromosome Flash that looks good when tying two and three color streamers.
Colors: Black, Bright-Yellow, Dk. Olive, Iron-Blue, Lt. Blue, Neon-Chartreuse, Pink, Popal-Bear, Purple, Red, Royal-Blue, Sage, Shrimp, Sky-Blue, Tan, White
DNA Fusion Enlarge
Enrico's FibersThis multiple color of EP-Fibers are pre-blended to create a very realistic minnow imitations.
Colors: Anchovy, Back-Country, Blue, Brown, Chartreuse, Everglade, Golden-Olive, rey, Mutton-Snapper, Olive, Orange, Pilchard, Pinfish, Purple, Sand, Tarpon-Streamer.
Enrico Fiber Enlarge
Enrico's Fibers
Great multiple colors of EP-Fibers pre-blended to createa very realistic minnow pattern.
Colors: Anchovy, Back-Country, Blue, Brown, Chartreuse, Everglades, Golde-Olive, Gray, Mutton-Snapper, Olive, Orange, Pilchard, Pinfish, Purple, Sand, Tarpon-Streamer
Enrico 3D Enlarge
Enrico's Puglisi SparkleA shimmering material used in all the Puglisi flies - adds just the right amount of reflection to create a lifelike appearance.
Colors: Cooper, Crystal-Blue, Fl-Chartreuse, Fl-Hot-Pink, Fl-Pink, Fl-Purple, Holo-Silver, Pearl, Pearl-Magic, Pearl-Olove, Silver, Speckle-Gold.
Enrico Puglisi Enlarge
Flash BlendA full-bodied, slightly kinky streamer material with a fine "Angel Hair" flash. It holds good shape and silhouette in the water. Tapers beautifully and colors can be blended seamlessly. Used to imitate salt water bait fish.
Colors: Anchovy, Black, Bleeding-Black, Bleeding-Purple, Bleeding-Grey, Bleeding-Mackerel, Bleeding-Orange, Bleeding-Red, Bleeding-Yellow, Brown, Bucktail-White, Camo, Chartreuse, Dk-Purple, Electric-Yellow, Hot-Orange, Grey, Herring-Black, Lt-Pink, Mackerel, Midnight-Blitz, Misty-Blue, Mullet-Brown, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pink, Rainbow, Red, Sea-Blue, Shaded-Chartreuse, Shrimp, UV-Herring-Back, UV-Off-White, Uv-Peacock, UV-Pink, UV-Shaded-Chartreuse, Violet-Night, UV-Olive, UV-Rainbow, UV-White, White, Wild-Olive, Yellow
Flash Blend Enlarge
Fiber-Optics Super-HairUsed fo tying Clouser Deep Minnows and big-game streamers. Can also be used as body material for some nymphs and emergers. Each strand has a slight crinkle and collects so much light that the ends of the strands glow.
Colors: Black, Bright-Green, Brown, Dk-Blue, Dk-Brown, Fl-Green-chartreuse, Fl-Yellow-Chartreuse, Green, Grey, Lavender, Lt-Blue, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pink, Purple, Red, Seafoam-Green, Smoke, Tan, White, Yellow
Fiber Optics Enlarge
Fluro-FiberAnother great product from Fishient. This is a flouroscent microfibre that will make any fly "light up" in the water. It is ideal for gills and lateral lines. It works great for both fresh and saltwater patterns.Fiber Enlarge
HairabouUse this material to tie those big Pike and off-shore flies. Long fine material with great action.
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Hot-Pink, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.
Hairabou Enlarge
PolarflashMicro nylon filaments tightly wrap each strand of Flashabou creating a stronger fiber and light diffusion increasing sparkle and flash. Great material for streamer patterns.
Colors: Black-Rainbow, Blue-Pearl, Chartreuse, Dk-Olive-Pearl, Gold, Green-Pearl, Mirage-Opal, Pale-Olive-Pearl, Pearl, Pink-Pearl, Rainbow-Pearl, silver, Yellow-Pearl
Polar Flash Enlarge
Super HairA material that has a number of uses such as the Clouser Minnow and other streamers. The material can also be used to make bodies for some flies. Like Ultra-Hair, but much finer, each strand collects light that ends of the strands glow.
Colors: Black, Bright-Green, Brown, Dark-Blue, Dark-Brown, Fl-Yellow-Chartreuse, Fl-Green-Chartreuse, Green, Grey, Lavender, Lt-Blue, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pink, Purple, Seafoam-Green, Red, Smoke, Tan, White, Yellow.
Superhair Enlarge
UV Holo
A blend of Holographic Flash and UV Enhanced Fibers. It looks like it is moving when it's standing still. Five different colors make up each color blend. Great for streamers.
Colors: Bunker-blue, Copper-Fire, Dorado-Gold, Madrigras, Outrageous-Lime.
UV Holo Enlarge
Synthetic Yak
Ideal for large flies and streamers. It has a light crinkle consistency and comes hanked at one end. It can be used for posts on dry flies! Many uses including marrying it with flash materials. Keeps the fly light with a massive profile.
Colors: Aqua, Black, Cream, Fl-Green, Fl-Orange, Fl-Red/Cerise, Gold, Lavender, Maroon, Med-Brown, Olive-Brown, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal-Blue, Salt & Pepper, Rusty-Amber, Seal-Brown, Silver-Grey, White, Yellow.
Yak Enlarge

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