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Parasol Although some credit Fran Betters, or a fellow from Japan as the inventor of the Parasol Emerger, credit should go to Ted Lesson and Jim Schollmeyer as the presenters of the original idea.

This version of the Parasol Emerger can be credited to Kelly Glissmeyer. The article and pictures can be found in the Winter 2014 issue of Flyfishing & Tying Journal.


Preparing the Parasol

#1 #2 Step 1: Using six strands of poly material, comb out the snarls and snags until all the fibers are aligned.

Step 2: Roll the fibers into one strand and fold them over the 2X mon material as pictured.

#3 #4 Step 3: Spin the mono much like tying a fly to tippet material; 6 or 7 twists should do it.

Step 4: Again, just like tying a fly to tippet finish the knot with an improved clinch knot, as shown

#5 #6 Step 5: Lubricate the knot and cinch it tight. Really force the knot down tight against the poly material.

Trim the tag end of the mono, along with removing the bulk of the poly material as pictured.

#7 #8 Step 7: Tightly grasp the poly and roll it rightly. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut the poly to a length of 1/4 to 3/8 inch long.

Step 8: Finished parasol post and puff ready to install on hook.


Placement on the Hook

placement placement A. Parasol Post Orientation on Hook for Mayfly, Caddis or Terrestrial Patterns

B. Finished Parasol Emerger - pheasant Tail Nymph

C. Parasol Post Orientation on Hook for Midge Patterns.

D. Finished Parasol Emerger - Bloody Midge