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Bennett Springs Jig

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This jig has been around a long time at Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri - over 40 years. It is known as a sunny day, clear water lure and has a place in your jig box. The pattern was found in the Lebannon (Missouri) Dail Record, Trout Talk and the information was taken from an article by Richard Helm.

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Hook: No. 12 jig hook,1/100th ounce
Thread:6/0 Black
Jig Head:Colored black with an yellow eye
Body:Peacock Herl

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Tying Instructions

  1. Take six strands of herl and tie them in behind the head.
  2. Wrap the herl around the thread to form a rope.
  3. Wrap the rope to the bend of the hook and back to the head.
  4. Tie off and double whip finish.

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