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Big Mac Midge

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The Big Mac is a midge pattern developed by John Tavenner and is used on the San Juan River in New Mexico. The pattern is tied on small hooks - #22 and #24 - but is effective in sizes 18 and 20. The Big Mac has been fished effectively on the streams of Missouri and is excellent in our trout parks.

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Hook: Dai-Riki 270 sizes 18-24 or TMC 3761 sizes 18
Thread: Color of body (Danville brown is shown)
Ribbing 1: Clear .5 mm Stretch Cord or Stretch Magic
Ribbing 2: Small or fine wire (black shown)
Body; Color of thread (Danville brown shown)
Thorax: Superfine black dubbing

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook in the vise
  2. Start the thread behind the eye. Tie in the wire ribbing behind the eye
  3. Tie in the stretch cord and wrap over the cord and wire to the bend. Bring the thread back to a point behind the eye.
  4. Wrap the stretch cord forward leaving a small gap between wraps. Tie off and clip the tag end.
  5. Wrap the wire ribbing forward so that it lies in the gaps formed by the stretch cord. Tie off and clip the tag end.
  6. Form a small thorax using the black superfine dubbing. [I like to use a black permanent marker to color the thread so the original color does not show through.]
  7. Form a small head and clip thread. Apply head cement, optional

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