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CDC Beetle

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Beetles can be very effective, especially during the months of July, August and into September. This is a good pattern that floats well in the water and is willing eaten by trout.

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Hook:Dry fly hook sizes 12-16
Thread:Olive 8/0 (Or color to match shell)
Body:Peacock Herl
Shell Back:Olive CDC or color of choice
Under Body:2 mm Foam(Optional)

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and lay a thread base down the hook.
  2. (Optional) Cut a one inch length of fun foam ~1/8 inch wide. Tie the fun foam on top of the hook about two eye lengths behind the eye. Bring the thread under the hook and make several wraps on the shank directly above the point of the hook. Bring the fun foam over the top of the shank and tie off. Cut the excess fun foam.
  3. By the butts tie on two CDC feather concave side up directly above the barb and pointing towards the rear of the hook.
  4. Tie on 4-6 strands of peacock herl. Wrap the peacock herl forward over the fun foam, if used, or the hook shank if the fun foam is not used. Tie off in front of the fun foam or at about the 20% point on the hook shank.
  5. Bring the CDC forward and tie off at the 20% point on the hook shank. Pull fibers back on both sides of the hook shank for legs.
  6. Form a head, tie off and cement.

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