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Chamois Fly

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The origin of the Chamois Fly seems to come from Bob Gaston of Gaston's Fly Shop (closed) located outside of Bennett Springs Park. Bob order a special chamois material from England and used this material to develop his fly. The fly does not imitate any of the insects found in the stream, but is meant to resemble trout flesh that is found in the stream after a fisherman has cleaned his fish. This can be a very effective pattern.

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Hook:Size 12
Thread:White 8/0
Weight:Lead wire appropriate for the hook size.
Body:A strip of chamois material about 1/4" wide.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and lay a base of thread from the eye to the ben of the hook shank.
  2. Tie in the chamois material at the bend of the hook and bring the thread forward to the eye.
  3. Pull the chamois forward and tie it off behind the eye.
  4. Form the head of the fly, whip-finish and clip the thread.
  5. Trim the front and back of the chamois. The chamois should extend about 1/4 inch infront and in back of the fly.
  6. Make two cuts (3/16" each) in the front and rear of the fly. The cuts should parallel the shank of the hook in the extensions in front and rear of the fly. This should create three parts in the front and rear of the fly.

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