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Chewee Nymph

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Brian Wise, professional guide in southern Missouri and Arkansas, showcased this fly at the Cabela's Guide Day in November. He was trying to come up with an easy to tie, innovative, and effective stonefly nymph for his home waters - the North Fork of the White - but it has applications anywhere stoneflies are found. This pattern sounds a little complicated, but is really very easy. The secret lies in cutting the proper width of Chewee Skin, and correct dubbing method of Wiggle Dub - Use the dubbing loop since it is a rather loose dubbing material.

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Hook: Dai Riki 730 size 6
Thread: Brown 6/0
Bead: 3/6" Gold Tungsten - back loaded with .025 lead wire
Tail/Antennae: Black Flexi-Floss or Life-fles
Body Dubbing: Brown Wiggle Dub (rabbit dubbing with fine rubbery legs mixed in
Shell Back: Strip of Brown Chewee Skin (shiny and gummy kind of the consistency of fruit rollups
Ribbing: 3X Mono Tippett Material
Thorax: Brown Wiggle Dubbing

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Tying Instructions

  1. Put bead on hook and place in vise
  2. Push bead back to bend and wrap on two antennae in a V sticking out over eye of hook. Make sure to keep wraps to a minimum so that the bead will slide to hook eye.
  3. Move bead into place and back fill with 12-18 wraps of .025 lead.
  4. Start thread behind lead and secure in place with cross wraps. Wrap thread back to bend of hook and tie in two tails to form a V.
  5. Tie in ribbing and Chewee Skin strip dull side up.
  6. Using a dubbing loop, dub a full but tight body tapering half-way up the hook to beginning of thorax. Trim off fuzziness and rubber filaments (stonefly nymphs have smooth segmented bodies with legs and gills under their thorax only).
  7. Pull Chewee Skin over body and tie off. Rib with 3X mono to create 4 or 5 segments, tie off, and trim.
  8. Fold shellback material back over body and give it a few wraps to begin the thorax.
  9. Using a dubbing loop, loosely dub the thorax so that lots of fur and rubber filaments sticking out.
  10. Pull Chewee Skin over to form a wing case and tye off. Whip finish and pick out dubbing.

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