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Chocolate Covered Cherry

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A variation of the Root Beer Midge fished on the White River System, but is effective any where midges are fished. Although normally tied on an 18 hook, try tying the CCC on a 16 with a 3/32 bead and a short body. The fly is easy to tie and could become a staple in your fly box.

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Hook: Dai-Riki 060 size 16-18.
Thread:Unithread Camel 8/0.
Body:Red Holographic Tinsel.
Bead:5/64 or 3/32.
Ribbing:Camel thread.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Slide the bead onto the hook through the small eye port. Mount the hook in the vise and start the thread behind the bead.
  2. Lay a base of thread and return the thread behind the eye. Tie in a piece of red holograph tinsel. {For a size 18 hook bring the holographic material down the bend. When tying short on a size 16 hook end the body between the barb and point of the hook.}
  3. Spiral wrap the thread back to a point behind the eye. Lay a coat of head cement on the body. Wrap the red holographic material forward leaving no gaps between wraps. Tie off the red holographic material and clip.
  4. Wrap the Camel thread down the shank to the end of the body and then back to behind the eye.
  5. The Camel thread is not a ribbing, but is meant to be part of the body. The Camel thread should be closely wrapped, but should allow small spaces where the red holographic material shows through. When wet the red holographic material should be more prevalent.
  6. Tie off and whip-finish. Clip the thread. Apply head cement.

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