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Chris's Beetle

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When the "Dog Days" of summer arrive be sure to have a beetle pattern in your fly box. This pattern was tied by Chris Conant, T. Hargrove Fly Shop, at the Ozark Fly Fishers Membership School.

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Hook: Dai Riki 060 Nymph size 12-18
Thread: Black 6/0 or Ultra 70
Foam: 2mm Black Cross Cut
Body: Black Peacock SLF Prism
Legs: Black Flex Floss
Indicator: 2mm Yellow or Chartreuse cut foam

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start your thread on the hook in the middle of the hook shank. Cut a piece of black foam approximately 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Place the foam on top of the hook shank and secure the foam to the hook, while winding your thread back to the standard tie-in position. The foam you use will extend over the bend of the hook.
  2. With the Prism dubbing, dub about three inches of thread. Wind the dubbing forward towards the eye of the hook. Try to give the body of your fly a round figure like a real beetle would have. Leave one eyelet length clear at the front of the hook shank to tie off your foam and tie in the rubber legs and indicator.
  3. Fold your foam over top the dubbing and tie it in. Be careful to not pull down too hard on the thread or you will cut right through the foam. The rest of your thread wraps will be at the point where you tied off your foam.
  4. Cut two one in lengths of rubber legs and place them both on top of the foam. Wrap over the rubber legs five times. Pull the legs to opposite sides of the hook shank. You want the legs to end up on the side of the hook shank. That way you get the best action out of the bug.
  5. Cut a piece of bright foam (color preference is up to you) that is slightly thinner than the black foam. The fish will not see this piece. Tie in your indicator on top of the black foam. Whip finish the fly at the same spot where your indicator is tied in. Take the fly out of the vise and round off the corner of the foam with your scissors to give the fly a buggy look.

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