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Chris's Hopper

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When the hot days of summer come the fish will be eating hoppers. Try this easy pattern provided by Chris Conat of T. Hargrove's, Inc. Fly Shop

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Dai-Riki 280 Size 10 -6
Thread:Brown 6/0 or Ultra 140
Body:Medium brown rayon chenille
Foam:2 mm - Tan, Brown, or Olive cross cut
Legs:Grizzly barred medium round Rubber legs

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start your thread in the middle of the hook shank. Tie in the chenille first and wrap over your chenille until you get to the standard tie in position. Advance your thread to just behind the eye of the hook. Wrap your chenille forward, with each wrap right next to the other. Tie the chenille off just behind the eye of the hook and trim the excess.
  2. Wrap your thread back over the chenille, and stop just before you get to the end of your chenille. Cut a piece of foam a little more than 1/4 inch wide or use a foam cutter to punch out a section of foam. Place the foam on top of the chenille and slowly but securely tie the foam onto the hook. Be careful not to pull down too hard with your thread or you will cut through the foam.
  3. Cut 2 two inch lengths of rubber legs. Place the midpoint of the legs on top of the point where your tied your foam in. Wrap over the legs three or four times then slide them to opposite sides of the hook shank. Advance your thread forward to just behind the eye of the hook.
  4. Tie in the foam again behind the eye of the hook and repeat the same process to tie in the rubber legs. Cut a piece of bright foam for an indicator that is slightly thinner than the foam used for the body of the fly. Whip finish the fly where the foam is tied of behind the eye. After your take the fly out of the vise, use your scissors to round of the corners of the foam to give the fly a realistic silhouette.

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