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Chubby Cousin Variation

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The Chubby Cousin, an attractor nymph, was originally tied by Hogan Brown for the Yuba River in California. This pattern, typically swung or fished like a traditional wet fly, has a great deal of movement and action in the water. It is a favorite of many an angler for trout, steelhead, salmon and more. Though most people swing the Chubby Cousin, you can also nymph or dead drift it.

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Hook:TMC 5262 or any 2X nymph hook
Thread:8/0 Uni-Thread, Red
Bead:Gold sized to hook
Tail:Few strands of pheasant tail
Ribbing:Red Wire
Hackle:English Partridge
Body:Ice Dubbing Peacock
Legs:Tarantu-Leggs Tan mini

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Tying Instructions

  1. Wrap the thread around the hook.
  2. Tie in the pheasant tail fibers, Tanarntu –Leggs for tail and red wire.
  3. Dub with the Ice Dub Peacock about 3/4 up the hook, then rib with the red wire up to that point.
  4. Finish dubbing all the way up to behind the bead. With a dubbing brush, fluff up the dubbing.
  5. Cut one strand of the Tarantu-LEGGS into 4 pieces – tying 2 pieces in the middle of the thorax. Two pieces of the leg material will be forward beyond the hook eye and the other will face back towards the tail. Clip to size.
  6. Take one feather from English Partridge or any other wet fly hackle. Brush back the feathers and tie in from the tip in the thorax area.
  7. Tie in the hackle, whip finish.

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