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Copper Head Jig

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The Copper Head is a jig that is often used as the top fly in a two fly rig. It is, however, a very successful fly and will be eaten where ever fished.

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Hook:Jig hook with the smallest head available. Size 12 gold hook.
Thread:8/0 Uni-Thread, red
Body:Pheasant tail fibers
Tail:Pheasant tail fibers

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the jig hook
  2. Start thread behind the jig and lay a base down the shank of the hook. Tie in four or five fibersof pheasant tail and brng the thread back to behind the jig.
  3. Tie on five or six fibers of pheasant tail and wrap the thread to the end of the body. Bring the thread forward to behind the jig.
  4. Wrap the pheasant tail fibers forward to behind the jig. Tie off, whip-finish and cement.

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