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Barrett's Cricket

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A good cricket pattern that has been used in midwestern and western waters. The pattern is also good as a substitute for a beetle. Easy to see on the water.

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Hook:Dai Riki 075, size 10-12
Thread:8/0 Uni-Thread, Black
Body:Black 2mm foam cut to the width of the hook gap.
Wing:McFlylon White
Underwing:8-10 strands of Pearl Crystal Flash
Legs:Black medium or small spandex leg material
Body:Peacock Herl or Peacock Synthetic Dubbing

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and lay a thread base down the shank of the hook.
  2. Starting at the bend, dub the peacock herl three-quarters of the way down the hook.
  3. Cut a piece of black 2mm foam about 2-inches long and the width of the gap. (A medium chrenobyl body foam cutter makes an excellent body.)
  4. Tie on the foam at the three-quarter point. The end of the foam should extend slightly past the hook shank. Wrap the thread forward over the foam to behind the hook eye. Do not cut off the front part of the foam
  5. Tie on 8-10 pieces of krystal flash at the three-quarter point.
  6. Tie in a piece of McFlylon at the three-quarter mark. Double the McFlylon back over the body to the bend and tie off at the three-quarter point. Apply a dab of cement to secure the McFlylon.
  7. Fold the front half of the foam back over the body and tie off at the three-quarter point.
  8. Mount the legs - two to a side.
  9. Tie off the thread behind the eye under the foam.
  10. Trim off the foam slightly behind the three-quarter point.
  11. Trim off the krystal flash and McFlylon the length of the body (slightly beyond the bend of the hook).
  12. Place a drop of cement to secure the legs.

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