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Little Olive Czech Mayfly Nymph

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This is a great little mayfly pattern to use on an indicator rig in the bottom position to help get the flies down with its tungsten bead or a great choice to your dropper fly in a dry dropper rig.

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Hook:TMC 3761 - size 14 - 18
Thread:12/0 Olive
Body:Tying Thread
Bead:Gold Tungsten
Tail:Coq De Leon Tailing feather fibers
Ribbing:Small Black and Copper Wire
Thorax:Gray Sow Scud Dubbing
Flashback:Medium Pearl Mylar

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Tying Instructions

  1. Slide bead on hook and secure in vise. Start thread at mid-hook shank and wind back to above barb.
  2. Strip 5-8 fibers from the Coq De Leon feather and tie in as a tail extending abut 1 hook length.
  3. Tie in 1 length each small black and copper wire
  4. Maintaining a slim profile, build a slightly tapered body ending about three eye lengths from the bead.
  5. Wrap both wires at the same time to make a two-colored rib and tie off at thorax.
  6. Tie in pearl mylar extending back over the body.
  7. Dub a short, sparse thorax of gray sow/scud dubbing ending at the bead.
  8. Pull the flashback mylar over the thorax and tie off.
  9. Whip-finish behind the bead and pick out the thorax a bit.

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