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Lauren's Dragon Fly

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The pattern was designed by Al Bourisaw to represent the Dragonflies of the local lakes. The fly was named for beloved dog. Laren accompanied me on many fishing trips and was a great companion.

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Hook:Scud size 12
Thread:Blue 6/0
Wings:Four grizzly hackle tips
Body:Kuhuna Strike Indicator
Legs:Round black rubber
Eyes:Orvis Mono Eyes
Thorax:Ice Dub Blue steelie
Carapace:Blue deer hair

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Tying Instructions

  1. Color a KuhunaTM Strike Indicator to color desired. In this case Ultramarine. Cut the KuhunaTM Strike Indicator into four or five pieces about 1/8 3/16 in length. Push the wire from the indicator piece and color the ends. Use a black wire or color a piece of Amnesia black. Burn a burr on the end of the Amnesia. Bead the indicator pieces onto the Amnesia. Apply a drop of super glue onto the Amnesia after stringing each bead. The body is now ready to mount.
  2. Mount the hook and start the thread in the middle of the shank. Mount the body with the thread and apply a dab of super glue.
  3. Apply dubbing where the body is tied to the hook.
  4. Cut a small stack of deer hair and tie it on, tip first, directly in front of the dubbing. Bring the thread forward to about three eye lengths behind the eye.
  5. Tie on the mono eyes at this point and apply a dab of super glue. Use the black marker to color the eyes.
  6. Prepare the wings and tie them on perpendicular to the shank of the hook. Apply a dab of super glue.
  7. Apply dubbing behind the wings and in front of the wings. Also apply dubbing in front of the eyes insuring that dubbing is apply under the eyes. Move the thread to a point directly in front of the eyes. Rotate the vise so that the bottom of the fly is towards the ceiling.
  8. Tie on three or four strands of rubber legs. Apply one more coat if dubbing to cover this application. Rotate the vise back over.
  9. Tie off behind the eye and apply head cement.

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