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Chris's Hopper

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The pattern can be found on the Nomad Fly Fishing web site.

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Hook:Tiemco 5263
Thread:6/0 Olive
Abdomen:Olive Chenille
Thorax:Olive Leech Yarn
Wing Case:Turkey Tail
Eyes:Bead Chain Black/td>
Legs:Pheasant Tails

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Tying Instructions

  1. Place the hook in the vise and wrap thread in at the middle of the hook. Work the thread up towards the eye of the hook leaving some space, and tie on the bead chain eyes using a figure eight wrap.
  2. Wrap the thread back to a position about 2/3 the way up from the bend of the hook. Take a long section, 13-15 inches, of olive chenille and tie it to the top of the hook shank, and tie it back to the bend of the hook and secure it with four tight wraps.
  3. Wrap the olive chenille forward towards the eye of the hook to build the abdomen. Make extra wraps as you work up the hook to make a fat tapered body (this should take up to 20 wraps). Once you have worked the chenille to the 2/3 way point up the hook shank make three or four final wraps and secure the chenille. The fat body really defines the dragonfly nymph.
  4. Start the thorax, by cutting a thick section of turkey feather fibers at least two inches long. Lay the fibers on the top of the hook shank with the ends facing out over the bead chain eyes and the eye of the hook. Make one loose wrap around the fibers, making sure they stay on the top of the hook shank, then make several tight wraps over the turkey feather fibers and while pinching them on the top of the hook shank to make sure they donít migrate to the side. Work the thread over the bead chain eyes and make two or three tight wraps in between the bead eyes and eye of the hook.
  5. Wrap the thread back to the base of the abdomen. Take two orange/brown pheasant feathers, and trim them so just the top inch is left. Take one of the feathers and place it one the far side of the hook shank in between the abdomen and the bead chain eyes. The feather should hit the abdomen and flare out so it is almost perpendicular to the body. Next wrap the feather in all the way up to the end of the abdomen section. Repeat the same process on the other side of the hook so two wings point out on either side perpendicular to the body.
  6. Wrap the thread forward to the bead chain eyes. Tie in a length of leach yarn 8-10 inches long. Wrap the leach yarn in front of the bead chain eyes once, and then begin working it back towards the abdomen. While wrapping the leach yarn back make sure to pull the loose fibers of the yarn out in any direction to make the thorax section as messy and thick as possible. Once you wrapped the leach yarn back to abdomen tie it down.
  7. Pinch the turkey fibers that were tied in earlier and pull them back over the leach yarn towards the bend of the hook. Pinch the fibers down at the junction of the abdomen and leach yarn thorax. Tie down the turkey feather fibers at the junction, making sure they stay on the top of the fly. Next trim the excess fibers so only a very short bit is showing over the abdomen. Finish the fly with either half hitch knots, or a whip finish tool at the junction of the abdomen and thorax.

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