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Skimmer Dragon Fly

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This is a Jon Baiocchi pattern that can be found on his blog. The pattern is quick and easy to tie. Jon only use four rubber legs instead of six, with one tie in point I can speed up the entire process. And lastly Jon uses a brown sharpie felt pen to darken the back a bit and mottle the legs. Try a skimmer next time you find yourself fishing a lake or any other place that holds dragonfly nymphs.

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Hook:Mustad 9672 streamer hook in sizes 8 and 10
Thread:8/0 Olive
Body:Mohair in Olive-Brown
Legs:Large Olive rubber legs.
Eyes:Tungsten, chain, or mono depending on your target depth

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start the thread close to the eye and wrap towards the bend of the hook.
  2. Mount your choice of eyes using figure eight wraps and secure with superglue.
  3. Tie in a strand of mohair behind the eyes. Secure it down the shank to the bend. Spiral wrap the thread to one eye length behind the eyes. Form a large abdomen with mohair wraps.
  4. Wrap the mohair forward to about one eye behind the eyes and secure it with the thread. Do not cut the mohair.
  5. Mound the rubber legs on each side of the body. Secure them with superglue. Spiral wrap the thread to a point infront of the eyes.
  6. Make a wrap or two of mohair over the thread securing the rubber legs and then bring the mohair forward forming a head around the eyes.
  7. Tie off the mohair and clip off the excess.
  8. Form a thread head in front of the eyes, whip finish and cement.

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