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Drew's Hares Ear

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This is a modification by Andrew Puls of the Hare's Ear Nymph. This variation can resemble a Hydropsyche larva or can be taken as a mayfly nymph. It is a good pattern to use during the winter months. The fly and an accompanying article by Andrew Puls can be found in the Fly Tying Winter 2011 issue of the magazine.

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Hook:Tiemco 2457 or equivalent size 16 - 10
Thread:Rusty Dun 8/0
Abodmen:Light Rabbit dubbing
Rib:Fine Copper wire
Tail:Blue Grouse fibers (substitute Hungarian partridge)
Wing Case:Turkey tail fibers coated with Flexament.
Thorax:Dark gray rabbit dubbing.
Legs:Blue Grouse wing feather (substitute Hungarian partridge.
Weight:Sized to hook

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook in the vise. Make several turns of the lead wire to give the fly some weight.
  2. Start the thread one eye length behind the hook eye and make a damn in front and in back of the lead wire. Continue to wrap the thread to the rear to a point above the barb.
  3. Select the tailing material and tie in on to the shank of the hook bringing the thread forward.
  4. Tie in the copper wire on the near side of the hook to the point above the barb.
  5. Dub the abdomen to one eye length behind the eye.
  6. Spiral wrap the thread toward the rear to about the 1/3 point on the hook. Tie in the turkey quill for the wing case.
  7. Dub the dark rabbit fur onto the thorax.
  8. Attach the Grouse legs to both sides of the fly.
  9. Bring the turkey quill over the thorax and tie off. Clip the excess. (Some tiers like to fold the ends of the thorax material back towards the bend and clip to form legs.).
  10. Form a thread head, whip-finish and cement.

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