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Flash Back Midge

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Hook:Standard Nymph Sizes 12 - 18
Thread:Black 8/0
Rib:Small size wire to contrast with body color
Body:1-2 Fibers from a Nature's Spirit Peacock Stick.
Thorax:Awesome Possum Dubbing
Flashback:Krinkle Flash

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and start the thread close to the eye and form a thread base down the shank.
  2. Tie in about the wire on the near side of the hook.
  3. Tie on two pieces of flash material. One on each side of the hook.
  4. Tie on the peacock stick fibers and then wrap them forward to a point behind the eye. Tie off the fibers and trim.
  5. Pull the flash material forward on both sides of the hook and tie off and trim.
  6. Counter wrap the wire forward, tie off behind the eye and trim.
  7. Wind the thread one-third the distance down the shank. Apply dubbing to the thread and form a dubbing thorax.
  8. Form a thread head, whip finish and cement.

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