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Ginny Midge

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The Ginny Midge is an excellent midge pattern, especially in smaller sizes, for those finicky fish.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 125 Sizes 18 -24
Body:Pearl Mylar
Bead:Glass Silver Gray or Clear

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Tying Instructions

  1. Place the bead on the hook and mount it in the vise.
  2. Start the thread behind the bead. Tie on the pearl mylar behind the bead.
  3. Wind the pearl mylar down the shank and back to the starting point behind the bead. Tie off the mylar behind the bead.
  4. Twist the pearl mylar and fold it back to form a wing over the shank. Tie it off and clip the mylar.
  5. Clip the thread and apply a dab of head cement.

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