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Smallmouth love crayfish, but the Hellgrammite comes in a close second. This Hellgrammite pattern is an adaption of Bill "Woody" Woodward's Woody's Articulated Hellgrammite. A few of these flies would be a welcome addition to your fly box. This adaptation was developed by Al Bourisaw, Renegade Fly Fisher.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 135 Size 8Temico 200R Size 10
Thread:8/0 Thread, Black8/0 Thread, Black
Body:Black Small Ultra ChenilleBlack/Brown Variegated Chenille Medium
Tail:noneBlack Goose Biots
Hackle:Black Saddle or HenBlack Ostrich Herl
Carapace:Black or Dark Brown Swiss StrawNone
Weight:Dumbbell Eyes Extra-smallNone
Pinchers:Black Goose BiotsNone
Link:NoneDacron Backing 20#

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Tying Instructions - Trailer

  1. Mount the Tiemco 200R in the vise.
  2. Thread both ends of the link Dacron backing through the top of the hook. Bring the loop formed under the hook, remove the hook from the vise and pull the loop forward. The link Dacron should now be firmly attached to the hook.
  3. Start the thread behind the eye and lay a base of thread to the bend.
  4. Mount two goose biots to form the tails. Return the thread to behind the eye.
  5. Select a 4-6" length of black/brown variegated chenille and attach it behind the eye. Wind the thread to the bend catching the chenille as you go.
  6. Select two pieces of ostrich herl and attach them at the bend. Bring the thread forward behind the eye.
  7. Wrap the chenille forward and tie it off behind the eye. Clip
  8. Palmer the ostrich herl forward and tie it off behind the eye. Clip
  9. Make a few wraps of thread and whip-finish.
  10. Carefully trim the ostrich and chenille off the top and bottom of the trailer to give a flat appearance. Be careful as it is easy to cut the herl.

Tying Instructions - Body

  1. Mount the Dai-Riki 135 hook in the vise.
  2. Wrap a layer of thread half way down the shank and return the thread behind the eye.
  3. Attach two goose biots to form the punchers. Be sure not to cover the eye.
  4. Attach the dumbbell eye to the top of the hook leaving at least one eye length behind the eye. Apply a dab of superglue to secure the dumbbell eye.
  5. After the dumbbell eye has dried, turn the hook over in the vise and attach a section of Swiss Straw. Bring the thread back behind the eye.
  6. Attach the trailer by securing the link to the sides of the body. Pull the trailer as close to the body as you like. Secure the link from the bend to behind the eye. Pull the link back towards the bend and wrap with thread to the bend. Bring the thread back to the eye.
  7. Attach the Ultra chenille behind the eye and wrap the thread to the bend securing the chenille as you wrap.
  8. At the bend attach a saddle or hen hackle with the dull side towards the rear of the fly. Bring the thread back to behind the eye.
  9. Wrap the Ultra chenille forward making a figure eight around the dumbbell eyes. Secure the Ultra chenille in front of the dumbbell eye and behind the eye. Clip.
  10. Palmer the hackle forward and tie it off behind the dumbbell eye. Try to preen the hackles rearward as you palmer forward.Clip.
  11. Turn the fly over in the vise. Separate the hackle to both sides of the shank. Bring the Swiss Straw forward and tie it off behind the eye in front of the dumbbell eye. Clip.
  12. Form a thread head and whip-finish. Clip thread.
  13. Cover the Swiss Straw with UV glue and/or Hard as Nails.

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