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Ho Candy

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This pattern was developed by Tim Wade of North Fork Anglers, Cody, Wyoming. Tim is an outstanding developer of fly patterns that catch fish where ever they are fished.

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Hook:Tiemco 200R sizes 6 -2
Thread:Fluorescent orange 6/0
Tail:Golden pheasant tippet fibers
Body:Yellow Orvis Spectrum Ice Dubbing
Wing:White polypropylene yarn and pearl krystal flash
Head:Natural or bleached deer body hair
Wing/Collar:Natural or bleached deer body hair
Legs:Rubber legs, tan or white with black bars

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start the thread on the shank above the point of the hook. Select and even the tips of the golden pheasant fibers and mount them on the rear of the hook.
  2. Starting at the rear of the hook, dub a tapered body three-fourths the length of the hook.
  3. Select a clump of polypropylene yarn appropriate for the size of the hook and tie it on the shank in front of the body. Use a couple of bundle raps to keep the wing material on top of the shank. be sure to leave one or two eye lengths between the wing wraps and the eye of the hook.
  4. Tie in several strands of krystal flash on top of the wraps covering the wing material.
  5. Cut a clump of deer hair from the skin, comb the hair to clean out the under fur and hair. Stack the clump in a hair stacker. Spin the deer hair onto the shank with the point out over the eye and the butt towards the rear. Cut off the butts so that they do now extend past the body of the fly.
  6. Pull the deer hair back over the wings and body to form a bullet head. The deer hair should be tied off directly in front of the body material.
  7. Turn the fly over and trim the deer hair from the bottom of the fly. Cut the hair close to the thread holding the deer hair in place.
  8. With the fly upright in the vise, tie on the legs on both sides of the fly.
  9. Whip-finish. Use head cement or superglue to secure the thread and deer hair under the fly and around the legs.

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