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Parachute Hopper

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The pattern is very similar to Schroeder's Parachute Hopper with the exception of the foam underbody which has been added.

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Hook:Tiemco 5263 or 5262 Sizes 8-12
Thread:8/0 Brown (or color to match Thorax)
Post:Parapost material
Hackle:Brown Grizzly or Brown one size larger than hook size
Tail:Red Wool
Ribbing:Single strand of DMC yarn - Brown
Body:Olive/Brown Antron
Underbody:2 mm tan fun foam cut to shape
Legs:Pheasant Tail fibers knotted
Thorax:Brown or Olive/Brown dubbing (or color to match area hopper)
Wing-case:Turkey Quill slice (Sprayed with Clear lacquer)

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start the thread close to the eye and wrap towards the bend of the hook laying a thread base.
  2. Tie in the parapost material behind the eye about 1/3 of the way down the hook shank. Post the material in the normal parachute method.
  3. Tie on a thin strand of red wool all the way to the bend. Clip the red wool to a length of about 1/8" from the bend.
  4. Prepare the underbody of foam by clipping it slightly longer than the length from behind the post to about 1/8" beyond the red yarn tail. Place a drop of super glue on the hook shank and tie on the underbody starting 1/8" behind the post to the hook bend.
  5. Tie on the brown ribbing material. Place the end in the material clip on the vise to keep it out of the way.
  6. Bring the thread to a point behind the post and tie on the antron body material to the bend. Bring the thread forward to the post.
  7. Wrap the antron forward to the post and tie off.
  8. Wrap the ribbing forward and tie off behind the post.
  9. Cut a sprayed turkey quill the width of the hook gap. Tie the quill onto the shank about 1/8" behind the post. Place a small drop of super glue on the wraps to hold the quill in place.
  10. Tie the hackle to the shank of the hook behind the post. Hold the hackle up parallel to the post and wrap the thread up the post binding the hackle to the posting material.
  11. Tie the knotted pheasant tail legs to each side of the body at a point 1/8" behind the post. Again, apply a small dab of super glue to hold them in place.
  12. Dub around the post and over the wing/legs tie in.
  13. Make six or seven wraps of the hackle around the post winding down the post. Holding the hackle tip below and perpendicular to the shank, make three wraps of thread around the posting material. Be sure to not trap hackle under the thread. Make a fourth wrap around the post and tie off the thread around the shank behind the eye. (Using a half hitch tool rather than a whip finisher makes forming the head and tying it off much easier.) Clip the thread.
  14. Clip the end of the hackle and clean up any errant hackle fibers. Place a drop of glue on the thorax at the point that the hackle was clipped and at the base of the parachute on both under sides of the hook. Turn the fly over and place a drop of cement between the post and the hackle on top of the fly.

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