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The Iceman

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This pattern is a good example of using Loon UV Knot Sense to improve the realism of a fly. The complete video can be found on YouTube. Click for the Video

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Hook:TMC 2488 size 16 - 20
Thread:8/0 Red and 6/0 Olive Dun
Body:Three strands of X-Small or Small Wire (one color should be different from the other two)
Glue or Epoxy:UV Knot Sense and Hard-as-Hull

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Tying Instructions

  1. Begin by wrapping red 6/0 thread behind the eye of the hook.
  2. Using the red thread, tie in three strands of X-small wire (one color should contrast with the other two). Tie off the thread and whip-finish.
  3. Wrap the three strands of wire to the rear of the curved hook shank. Once you have reached the point where the midge abdomen will end, snap off the wire by twisting them simultaneously. The wire is thin and will break easy. If you cut the wire, the tips will not lie flat on the hook shank.
  4. Tie on olive dun thread immediately behind the hook eye. Build up only a very slight thread head before tying off using the whip-finisher. Be sure to leave a small band of the original red thread showing. Use a black Sharpie marker to color the top of the olive head.
  5. Use Loon Outdoors clear UV Knot Sense to build a true pupa shape over the entire fly. Harden the Loon UV light. Lastly, place the finished fly into the lip of a Styrofoam cup or something similar and coat with Hard-as-Hull or another cement.

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