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Ike's Trout Candy

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Ike's Trout Candy is a pattern found on You Tube and is tied by Defiance Outfitters. It is a good pattern to fish in faster water as the bead head and wire body gives it a litte weight. It is also a good fly to fish as the first fly on a two fly rig.

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Hook:Scud/Pupa sizes 12-20
Thread:8/0 Black
Body:Green and Black wire sized to fly
Bead:Gold tungsten sized to fly
Thorax:Black Peacock Ice Dubbing
Wing Case:Dark turkey tail fibers

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the bead on the hook.
  2. Place the hook in the vice and make several wraps of lead wire that will slide into the bead with several wraps to identify the thorax area.
  3. Start the thread and secure the lead behind the bead. Lay a base of thread down the shank around the bend.
  4. Mount two black goose biots for the tail. Bring the thread back to a point behand the lead wire.
  5. Mount a strand of green and a strand of black wire securing it to the bend. Bring the thread back to a point behind the bead.
  6. Wrap the wire forward so that you have a segmented look. Secure the wire behind the eye and twist off the end.
  7. Mount the turkey tail fibers in front of the wire over the lead.
  8. Dub a thorax area with the black peacock ice dubbing.
  9. Bring the turkey fibers over the ice dubbing to form the wing pad.
  10. Make several wraps to secure the turkey fibers. Clip the fibers, whip-finish and cut the thread. Add a drop of head cement, if desired.

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