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Joe's Spider

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This is the favorite blue gill pattern of a long time Ozark Fly Fishers, Inc. member, Joe Amonetti. Joe also ties this pattern with a highly visible tag of foam as an indicator.

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Hook:Mustad 3366 or equivalent Size 8-6
Thread:3/0 Monocord, Chartreuse
Tail:Red feather tips or red yarn (short)
Body:Black Foam -For size 6: 3/8" by 3" long and For size 8: 1/4" by 2 1/2" long
Wing:Chartreuse deer hair
Legs:Two attached rubber legs, ~4" long.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Wrap thread from behind head to center of bend of hook.  Wrap back to behind eye.
  2. Cover thread with head cement. Lay the end of foam behind eye and tie down with tight wraps to center of hook shank.
  3. Wrap thread under foam back to center of bend. Lay foam on shank and secure tightly at the center of the bend.
  4. Take thread under shank and make two or three turns, pull foam from tail to center of hook and tie down with several very tight wraps, so foam doesn't turn on hook.
  5. Wrap thread behind eye with a couple of turns. Pull foam to this point behind eye and tighten down.
  6. Bring thread under shank to the center of the hook with a couple of turns. Pull foam from behind eye to the center of the hook shank and tie down with several wraps.
  7. Cut a small piece of deer hair approximately 1" or 1 1/2" long. Clean out fur from deer hair. Lay the deer hair at the center of the length over the center of the hook shank and tie down.
  8. Take two attached rubber legs. Double them over the thread placed at the center of hook shank. As you make a turn forward with the thread place the legs against body facing you. Make three or four turns to hold legs in place.
  9. Cut the rubber legs to make two sets of two legs each. Take the uppermost set and pull over the body to the other side. Finally, make several tight wraps to secure the legs to the body.
  10. Take thread under body to eye and whip finish. Open rubber legs so you have four legs on each side.
  11. Finished Spider is shown above.

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