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Big Hurt (Maggot)

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The Maggot was made famous in the streams of Missouri by Larry Hurt. Because of Larry's success of the fly it is often called the Big Hurt. This is one of my go to flies in the Missouri Parks. I have taken fish using this simple pattern as far west as the Yellowstone River. Keep the tie slim using one wrap of the three strands of the yarn.

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Hook:Jig hook 1/100 or 1/180 Size 12 gold hook.
Thread:8/0 Uni-Thread, White
Body:DMC Yarn six strands - White (use 3-4 strands per fly)

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the jig hook
  2. Start thread behind the jig and tie in four strands of the DMC yarn.
  3. Wrap the yarn down the shank and back to the point behind the jig. Tie off, whip-finish, and cement.

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