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Quigley March Brown Emerger

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The Quigley Cripple is an emerger pattern originally developed by Bob Quigley. Itís a very effective pattern for trout that can be tied in a myriad of different variations by altering the colors and materials of the various components

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Hook:Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 14-18
Thread:Olive or Dun 8/0
Tail:6-10 Fibers moose hair
Body:One Brown Goose Biot
Parachute Post:Para Post Material
Hackle:Olive Grizzly

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Tying Instructions

  1. Secure hook in vise and start thread one eye length behind the eye.
  2. Wrap thread to end of hook shank to point even with the barb.
  3. Tie in tail the length of the hook shank and trim butt.
  4. Tie in goose biot by the tip across the hook shank so it curves the way it will be wrapped on.
  5. Move thread to the one-third point on hook shank where the body will end.
  6. Put a very small drop of head cement on the underbody.
  7. Wrap goose biot evenly up to the thread and tie off. Trim excess.
  8. Tie in the parapost material with the butt of the material towards the rear. The tips of the parapost material should extend out over the eye.
  9. Tie in the hackle between the butt and tip of the parapost material.
  10. Wrap the hackle around the hook shank in front of the parapost butt and behind the tips of the parapost material.
  11. Tie off the hackle and trim the excess.
  12. Trim off the butt of the parapost material close to the hook shank.
  13. Bring the thread in front of the tip of the parapost material and form a head behind the eye. Whip-finish and apply head cement.

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