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North Fork Special

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The North Fork Special is tied by Tim Wade of the North Fork Angler fly shop in Cody, Wyoming. Tim ties this fly small to match the winter black stoneflies. This pattern is also effective tied in larger sizes to imitate other stoneflies.

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Hook:TMC 2457, sizes 14 - 8
Thread:Black 6/0
Head:Silver bead
Body:Black Dubbing
Tail:Two gray goose biots
Rib:Red Copper wire
Wing Case:Three black goose biots.
Legs:Gray goose biots

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Tying Instructions

  1. Slide a bead onto the hook, and place the hook in your vice.
  2. Start the thread in the middle of the hook shank. Wrap a smooth thread underbody to the end of the shank (use the area on the continuous bend directly opposite the hook eye as a reference point for the end of the body). Wrap a small bump of dubbing at the tail end of the fly.
  3. Tie on two goose biots for tails. Clip the excess butt ends.
  4. Tie the wire to the shank along the length of the body.
  5. Dub a thick abdomen covering the back half of the body. Spiral-wrap the copper wire forward to form the rib. Tie off and snip the surplus wire.
  6. Make a couple of turns of dubbing in front of the abdomen. Tie a biot on the top of the hook. Clip the abdomen to form the first wing case. Add more dubbing, tie on another biot, and clip to create the second wing case. Repeat this process to add the third wing case.
  7. Slid the bead forward against the hook eye and tie a biot to each side of the fly to form the legs. Wrap a dab more dubbing tight against the bead. Whip-finish the thread tight against the bead, and clip.

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