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Orange Asher

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The Orange Asher was originated by a gentleman named Jack Howarth of Colorado Springs, Colorado and was primarily used for high mountain lakes to imitate adult midges.

The pattern can be used on rivers, lakes and everywhere in between. No one and can honestly say for sure why it works so well overall, but it does catch fish.

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Hook:TMC 100 sizes 20-22
Thread:8/0 Fl Orange
Body: Fl Orange thread or orange holographic tinsel

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook in the vise
  2. Start the thread behind the eye. Lay a thread base to the bend.
  3. Tie in the grizzly hackle at the bend.
  4. Tie in two pieces of peacock herl at the bend (optional)
  5. Form a body that is tapered from bend to eye.
  6. If peacock herl is used bring it forward and tie it off behind the eye. Clip excess herl.
  7. Palmer wrap the grizzly hackle forward and tie off behind the eye. Clip excess hackle.
  8. Form a small head and whip-finish. Apply a dab of head cement, if desired.

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