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Partridge and Olive

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The Partridge and Olive was one of the favorite patterns of now deceased Jack Gartside. It is a good suggestive pattern for both emerging caddis and mayflies. It is suggested that it be tied on short to medium length hooks for caddis and medium to long for mayflies.

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Hook:Fine wire, Daiichi 1150, TMC 3769 or equivalent; sizes 14-18
Thread:Olive 6/0
Thorax:Hare's Ear or gray squirrel dubbing.
Rib:Thin gold wire (optional)
Body:Olive Thread
Hackle:Hungarian partridge (one, but no more than two turns.)
Head:Hare's Ear or gray squirrel blend.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook in the vise and lay a thread base from behind the eye to the point on the shank above the barb. Tie on the wire and wrap the thread back toward the eye stopping at the 1/3 of the shank point.
  2. Spirals wrap the wire forward to form the ribbing. Tie off at the 1/3 point on the shank and clip excess.
  3. Build a sparse tapered body to the 1/3 point on the shank.
  4. Dub a thorax ball at the 1/3 point on the shank.
  5. Tie in a Hungarian Partridge hackle; tip first, in front of the thorax.
  6. Make one, but no more than two wraps of hackle around the hook. Tie the hackle back against the dubbed thorax so that the hackle flares.
  7. Form a head in front of the hackle with a small amount of dubbing.
  8. Make several wraps of thread behind the eye, whip-finish and cement.

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