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Pat's Nymph

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The Pat's Nymph is one of those flies that Smoky Mountain fly fishing guides just love. It has a buggy look that fish can't resist and it's relatively quick and easy to tie. While the Pat's Nymph is good year round, it's particularly good in the spring since it's a good representation of several aquatic insects.

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Hooks:Standard Nymph Size 12 - 14.
Thread:6/0 Black
Body:Any shaggy gray dubbing material like squirrel or muskrat.
Tail:Brown Hackle Fibers.
Collar:Brown Hackle.
Weight:Underbody: .010 - .015 lead free wire.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook and wrap with the appropriate size wire (based upon hook size).
  2. Tie on the thread and build a small dam in front and behind the lead wire.
  3. Select several hackle fibers and tie them on at the bend. Return the thread to the rear of the shank.
  4. Dub the dubbing on the thread and wrap a slopping body to two eye lengths behind the eye.
  5. Select a brown hackle and tie it in tip first. Make two or three turns of hackle and tie off. Clip excess.
  6. Form a head, whip-finish and cement.

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