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Calcasieu Pig Boat

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The Calcasieu Pig Boat came from the fertile and unconventional imagination of the late Tom Nixon, the old Cajun warm water guru, in 1951. Nixon, who died in May 2003, was dedicated to fly fishing for bass. Nixon names his creation after the Calcasieu River, his home water in Louisiana. A "pig boat" was what they called German submarines in World War II. The subs were known and feared for their stealthiest and deadliness, qualities that Nixon also attributed to his invention.

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Hook:Heavy wire, straight-eye bassbug such as the Dai-Riki 810 sizes 2-2/0
Thread:3/0 to match body
Body:Thick regular chenille, Krystal Chenille, or Estaz in your choice of colors.
Weight:Lead wire
Tail:Marabou, rabbit strip, saddle hackle, or rubber legs in your choice of color. (Optional)
Body Hackle:Saddle hackle in your choice of colors.
Collar:Rubber legs in your choice of color.
Eyes:Painted on the sides of the thread head.(Optional)

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Tying Instructions

  1. Cover the hook shank with wraps of lead wire. Tie on a dozen strands of rubber legs to form the tail of the Pig Boat.
  2. Tie on a piece of chenille. Attach a saddle hackle by the tip.
  3. Wrap the chenille body up the hook shank. Tie off and clip the surplus chenille. Be sure to leave plenty of room between the front of the body and the hook eye to tie on the rubber-leg collar and thread head.
  4. Spiral-wrap the hackle up the body. Tie off and clip the surplus hackle.
  5. Tie on the rubber-leg collar. Tom Nixon specified 56 legs, but the fish probably don't count. If you want to follow the recipe to the letter, tie on two bunches of long strands of rubber legs; each bunch should have 14 pieces of material. Tie on the first bunch so the ends of the strands go on the top and bottom of the fly; tie on the second bunch so the strands flow down the sides of the fly. Hold the legs in place with light wraps of thread. Evenly spread the legs around the fly.
  6. Next, secure the legs with firm wraps of the thread, and make a thick thread head. Tie off and clip the thread.
  7. Coat the head with cement. Clip the legs to length.
  8. Eyes are optional, but they add a nice finishing touch to the Pig Boat. Paint the eyes using enamel paint.

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