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Pseudo Hair Clouser

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The Pseudo Hair Clouser is a variation of Bob Clouser well known Clouser Minnow. The pseudo hair gives this pattern a lot a movement in the water and is easy to tie. The Pseudo Hair Minnow in various colors to match the bait fish in your area should be a part of your streamer collection.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 810 Size 2-6
Thread:6/0 or 8/0 Orange Uni-Thread
Weight:Barbell Eyes sized to the hook.
UnderBody:Palmer Chenille Small Pearl
Over Body:Pseudo Hair
Lateral Line:Krystal Flash
Collar/Head:Orange Thread covered with Hard As Hull

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Tying Instructions

  1. Bend down the barb and mount the hook in the vice.
  2. Mount the bar bell eyes on the shank at a point half way between the eye and the point of the hook. Use super glue to secure the eyes.
  3. Tie in the sparkle brush in front of the eyes and pull it back over the eyes. Brush the fibers of the brush towards the rear and make several wraps behind the eyes.
  4. Tie off the sparkle brush in front of the eyes and clip. Remove the hook from the vise and clip the sparkle brush to shape a belly for the minnow.
  5. Turn the hook over in the vice and tie on two strands of krystal flash, one on each side of the hook shank.
  6. Cut an appropriate amount of pseudo hair from the sheet and thin out the butt section by stroking out the loose fibers.
  7. Tie the pseudo hair onto the shank in front of the eyes.
  8. Build up a tapered head and apply Hard As Hull to the head.

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