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Rainbow Warrior

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The Rainbow Warrior is a colorful nymph that catches fish on most rivers and streams. It was developed by Fly Fishing Team USA’s Lance Egan and has become a favorite of many anglers. This fly works great year round.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 135, Tiemco 2457, sizes 16 - 22
Thread:Red 8/0
Body:Pearl Mylar
Tail:Pheasant Tail Fibers
Bead:Silver Tungsten or Clear Glass
Thorax:Rainbow Scud Dubbing
Wing Case:Pearl Mylar

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook with the bead in place and tie on the thread.
  2. Lay a thread base to the bend of the hook. Select several pheasant tail fibers and mount the tail.
  3. Bring the thread to behind the bead and tie on the mylar body material. Tie over the material to the bend and bring the thread back to a point behind the bead.
  4. Wind the mylar forward and tie off behind the bead. (A light coat of head cement on the body under the mylar will keep it from sliding.)
  5. Tie on the wing case or use the body mylar for the wing case.
  6. Dub the thorax.
  7. Bring the wing case over the thorax and tie off. Clip the excess mylar.
  8. Apply head cement, if desired.

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