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Super Hair Emerger

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This pattern makes a good representation for a Baetis. It can also be tied using different color Super Hair to imitation other Mayflies.

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Hook:Mustad C49S size 18-20
Thread:White 12/0 and Black 12/0
Body:Two strands green fibers and One strand of black fiber
Parachute Post:Snow shoe hare foot strands
Hackle:Grizzly sized to fly

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount hook and start the white thread behind the eye.
  2. Attach three strands of supper hair (2 green and 1 black) and mount the super hair down the hook shank.
  3. Bring the thread back to a point behind the eye and apply a half-hitch.
  4. Wrap the super hair forward so that the strands lie adjacent to each other. Tie off behind the eye.
  5. Tie off the white thread and clip. Start the black thread and form a small thorax.
  6. Cut a small bunch of fibers from the snow shoe rabbit's foot. Attach the fibers two eye lengths behind the eye. After attaching the fibers, make several wraps around the fibers parallel to the hook shank. This will form the post for the parachute.
  7. Clean the stem of a grizzly hackle and attach the hackle in front of the parachute post. Wrap three or four turns of hackle around the post. Hold the hackle end under the hook and make three wraps of thread around the post. Tie off behind the eye.
  8. Clip off the hackle, clip the parachute post to length. Turn the fly over in the vise and apply cement to the thorax area.

  9. Hint: Spin the white thread counter clockwise when mounting the super hair. This will provide a flat surface which will make wrapping the super hair a lot easier.

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