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Born's Hairy Legged Sow Bug, aka the Shitty Fly

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This fly first came to my attention by guide George Born while on a trip to the Little Red River in Arkansas. This is his pattern that was developed to imitate the sow bugs in the Little Red. The fly doesn't look like much, hence the name Shitty Fly. We have twice made the trip to the Little Red and found it to always be successful. He recommends the fly be fished in sizes #14 and 16. It can be fished dead drifted, stripped or just swing it.

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Hook:TMC 2487 scud #14 and #16
Thread:Danville Gray 6/0 Flymaster
Bead:1/8 or 3/32 Silver Brass
Weight:Lead free wire .015 or .020 approximately seven wraps
Dubbing:Wapsi #260 Sowbug
Ribbing:4X Mono (Optional for durability)
Collar:Hungarian Partridge

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mash barb. Bead the hook and place in the vice.
  2. Wrap seven or eight turns of lead wire down the shank.
  3. Start the thread behind the bead and lay a base wrap over the lead down to the bend. Return the thread to behind the bead..
  4. If using a mono ribbing, tie it in starting at the bead and wrap to the bend. Cut off the excess mono.
  5. Dub a tapered body to behind the bead. Use a dubbing brush to brush out the dubbing.
  6. Select and prepare the appropriate size Hungarian Partridge. Tie it in by the tip and make several wraps behind the bead. Cut off the excess.
  7. Whip finish.

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