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Trevor's Sculpin

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This is a variation of Trevor's Sculpin which is an easy tie that produces a very durable and effective sculpin pattern. The pattern uses a bead instead of barbell eyes that gives the pattern weight and effective movement of the gills. Tie the pattern the color of the sculpin in the area where you are fishing.

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Hook:TMC 5263 sizes 4 - 8
Thread:210 or 3/0 Olive Dun
Body:Gold or Copper tinsel.
Upper Body:Ice Dubbing Pheasant Tail
Bead:Red or Pink tungsten 1/4" or fit to hook
Gills:Schlappen Olive
Carapace:Olive barred rabbit strip
Ruder:Amnesia green or black
Head:Olive Rabbit dubbing

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Tying Instructions

  1. Place the bead on the hook with the small opening towards the eye. Mount the hook in the vise.
  2. Start the thread behind the eye about 1/2 of the way down the hook shank. Lay a base of thread to the bend.
  3. Loop a piece of amnesia and mount it on top of the shank with loop towards the rear. The amnesia should extent behind the bend about one-half the length of the hook shank. Lash the amnesia in securely.
  4. Starting at the bend of the hook, tie in a piece of copper tinsel. Bring the thread to a point behind the bead. Wrap the tinsel forward and tie off behind the bead. Be sure to leave about 1/3 the hook shank bare in front of the bead.
  5. Form a dubbing loop behind the bead. Load the loop with the pheasant tail ice dubbing. Twist the loop and pick out dubbing to give a full look. Wrap the loop behind the bead. Tie off the dubbing loop and clip. There should be room to slide the bead back onto the dubbing.
  6. Whip finish and push the bead back onto the dubbing so that one-fourth of the hook shank in front of the bead is bare.
  7. Start the thread in front of the bead. Tie in an Olive Schlappen hackle by the tip in front of the bead. Wind the schlappen around the hook shank to form a hackle. Tie off and clip the butt end. Wind the thread back over the hackle towards the bead so that the hackle lies back over the shank.
  8. Size the rabbit strip so that it extends a little beyond the amnesia loop. Tie in the rabbit strip at the head in front of the schlappen hackle. Clip any excess hide and lash down securely.
  9. Form a dubbing loop and load it with the olive rabbit dubbing. Spread the dubbing in the loop and pick out a nice full dubbing. Wrap the dubbing around the shank to form a head.
  10. Whip finish and cement head.

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