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Trico Parachute

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The pattern and accompanying article can be found in the Summer 2010 issue of Fly Tyer magazine.

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Hook:Tiemco 2488, size 22
Thread:10/0 Black
Abdomen:Opal UTC Mirage
Wing:Dun Hackle
Thorax:Black Superfine Dubbing
Tails:Dun Tail Fibers
Indicator:Fluorescent Orange Egg Yarn

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount the hook in the vise and lay a base of thread from one-eye length behind the eye to a point on the shank directly above the barb.
  2. Select three or four dun tailing fibers (microfibbets work well) and tie then in at the end of the fly.
  3. Return the thread to the 1/3 point on the shank and tie on the indicator parachute style. Wrap the thread up the indicator to form a base for the hackle.
  4. Tie on a strip of UTC Mirage and wrap over it to the end of the shank. Bring the thread back to a point behind the indicator.
  5. Wrap the UTC Mirage forward and tie it off behind the indicator
  6. Tie on the dun hackle on the near side of the hook. Pull the hackle perpendicular to the shank. Wrap the thread up the indicator capturing the hackle stem as you wrap. Wrap the thread back down the indicator and make a couple wraps around the shank.
  7. Form a thorax with the black dubbing around the indicator.
  8. Wrap the hackle back down the indicator and tie if off around the indicator.
  9. Move the thread to a point behind the eye and form a small head. Whip-finish. Apply head cement.

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