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Trout Crack

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The pattern originated with John Wilson, an excellent guide on the White River system. Checkout John's web site by going to Fly Fishing Arkansas.

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Hook:#16 Tiemco 2457
Thread:.006 smoke mono (or clear)
Dubbing:Sand Prism #144
Carapace:Small D-Rib dark brown
Ribbbing:.006 smoke mono (or clear)

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Tying Instructions

  1. Mount hook and jam knot the mono.
  2. Wind the mono back to tail.
  3. Dub the mono lightly - very lightly - and dub to the eye.
  4. Attach the D-Rib at the front with three wraps.
  5. Holding the D-Rib over the top of the shank, wind the mono back over the D-Rib to hold it atop of the shank and form the rib - about six wraps.
  6. Tie in at the tail.
  7. Whip finish at the tail and trim.

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