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Turkey Quill Emerger

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I first came across this emerger at the North Arkansas Fly Fishers Sow Bug celebration of fly fishing held in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The emerger was being tied by the originator of the pattern Dan Berry, of Berry Brothers Fly Fishing Guide Service. The pattern is excellent when fishing for emerging fish and can be very effective tied behind a dry fly.

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Hook: Dai Riki #060 size 18-22
Thread:Black 10/0 or 12/0
Body:One to three strands of turkey tail fiber (depending upon hook size.)
Ribbing:XSmall or fine copper wire.
Wing:Antron or similar material tied in loop style. A CDC puff can also be used as the wing.
Thorax:One or two strands of peacock herl (depending upon hook size). Dan prefers the bronze herl.

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Tying Instructions

  1. Secure hook in vise and start thread one eye length behind the eye.
  2. Wrap thread to end of hook shank to point even with the barb.
  3. Tie in the copper wire to be used as a rib (optional)
  4. Tie in the turkey tail strand and wrap it forward to the 1/3 point on the shank. Tie off and clip.
  5. Counter wrap the copper wire forward and tie off. Clip
  6. Tie on the antron forming the loop style wing.
  7. Tie on the peacock herl in front of the wing and make several wraps forward.
  8. Tie off the peacock herl, trim and apply head cement (optional).

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