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Beetle - Weapon of Mass Destruction

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This is another excellent beetle pattern. Don't eliminate the tail. It apparently looks like a wing protruding from under the shell.

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Hook:Dry Fly #14
Thread:6/0 Black
Tail:Fibers from a Mallard Flank Feather
Underbody:Peacock Herl
Over body:Black deer hair

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Tying Instructions

  1. Layer thread from just behind the hook eye to the bend of the hook.
  2. Tie in a few mallard flank fibers to create a tail.
  3. Select a bunch of black deer hair, a little larger than you would use for an Elk Hair Caddis and cut it from the skin. Do not bother to align the tips. Even the cut ends with your scissors and tie onto the hook one-third forward from the bend. Gradually increase your tension on the thread as you tie, and the butts of the deer hair will flare around the hook. Trim these close to the hook with your scissors.
  4. Tie in two strands of peacock herl on top of the deer hair butts. Wind the peacock forward to within one-quarter shank's length behind the hook eye and tie off.
  5. Gather the deer hair tightly, giving it a slight twist and pull it forward, tying it off at the same point you tied off the peacock.
  6. Lift the tips of the deer hair and place thread wraps forward of them and tie off using you whip finisher.
  7. Clip the deer hair tips to create a head, as you would do with an Elk Hair Caddis.
  8. At the rear of the fly, with our scissor tips tease out two or three hairs from each side of the body to create legs.

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