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Winter Midge

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Although I am not sure who first tied the Winter Midge, the owner of the fly shop at Reed's Cabins in Montauk State Park first introduced me to this pattern. It has proven to be a great pattern any time midges are coming off the water. It is especially effective during the winter months and many trout have come to hand having been deceived by this simple pattern.

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Hook:Dai-Riki 125 or TMC 2488 size 18-26
Thread:Black 12/0 or smaller
Body:Black (or red) 0.5 mm Super Stretch Magic Rubber Centipede legs can also be used.
Wing:Fine Krystal Braid #032
Gill:Find Krystal Braid #032

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Tying Instructions

  1. Secure hook in vise and start thread one eye length behind the eye.
  2. Wrap thread down 1/3 of the hook shank.
  3. Tie on a short piece of Stretch Magic so that the end appears to be an extended body. Clip off the front end behind the hook eye.
  4. Tie on a short piece of fine Krystal Braid over the top of the Stretch Magic. Clip the wing to a length slightly shorter than the body. Clip the front of the Krystal Braid so that about a piece the length of the eye sticks out the front to form gills.
  5. Tie on a Grizzly hackle to size. Make two or three turns of hackle an tie off. Clip off the hackle.
  6. Form a small head in front of the hackle and whip-finish.
  7. Hint: A drop of glue applied to the thread wrap before tying on the Stretch Magic and before tying on the Krystal Braid will help to secure the material to the hook.

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