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Zoo Cougar

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Hook:TMC5263 Size 4 or 6
>Thread:6/0 Brown and Brown G.S.P for spinning the collar and head
Tail:Olive Marabou feathers
UnderBody:White Flat Waxed Floss
Body:Pearl Diamond Braid
Under Wing:White Calf Tail
Over Wing:Olive Dyed Mallard Flank
Collar/Head:Olive Deer Hair

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Tying Instructions

  1. Start thread about 1/3 of the shank behind the hook eye and wrap back to the bend of the hook.
  2. Tie in first olive marabou feather in top of hook shank so that it is about as long as the hook shank and trim excess. Tie in the other marabou feather on top of the first so that they are the same length and tend to fan out vertically.
  3. Tie in the Diamond braid and wrap the thread to the starting point and whip finish.
  4. Start the white underbody at the beginning point and build up a slim but level underbody ending at the beginning point once again. (the white underbody will help the body remain pearly white like almost all minnows and sculpin)
  5. Wrap the Diamond Braid body and tie off with the flat waxed floss at the beginning point - again about 1/3 of the way from the eye. Clip a generous clump of white calf tail but do not stack. Grab the hair by the tips and pull out any short hairs. Trim the cut end so that the hair extends to about 1/4 inch past the end of the body and tie in on top of hook.
  6. Select 2 well-centered mallard flank feathers that will reach to almost the end of the tail and trim off anything fluffy. Tie in on top of under wing and whip finish the flat waxed floss. A few drops of cement or Zap-A-Gap is good here.
  7. Start the brown G.S.P. at the end of the body where the collar will be.
  8. Clip and stack a generous clump of olive deer hair. Trim to length and tie in on top of the hook. After drawing it down, it should cover the body and wing all around except on the bottom. Remember...the collar butts should not become part of the head.
  9. Spin the deer hair head but do not pack too tightly- you still want it to sink. Whip finish and trim the head so that it is a flat oval that tapers front to back. Think about a sculpin head that is flat and tapers to those big pectoral fins.

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