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Maramec Springs Park

Maramec Spring Park is one of the most beautiful spots to be found in Missouri. The Park contains the fifth largest spring in the state. An average of 100 million gallons of water flows from the Spring daily. Maramec Spring Park contains 1,860 acres of forest and fields. The 200 acre public use area of the Park provides many amenities and activities for visitors such as a cafe, store, camping, wildlife viewing, fish feeding, picnicking, shelters, playgrounds and fishing. The Meramec River, a clear calm Ozark stream, flows through the park providing excellent fishing. Maramec Spring Park is privately owned and operated by The James Foundation. The James Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Missouri.

Ownership and Access: The James Foundation, part of the New York Community Trust. Maramec Spring Park is open to visitors for a nominal fee, and features the spring, historical exhibits relating to the iron works days, and stocked trout fishing.

Fishing Regulations

Trout fishing is permitted in accordance with the state wildlife code and posted restrictions daily from March 1 through Oct. 31, and during the winter catch-and-release season from the second Friday in November to the second Monday in February. Unlike other parks, Maramec is open seven days a week during the winter catch-and-release season.

  1. Each angler shall display a daily trout tag purchased on the area and bearing his or her signature.
  2. Each angler shall have a state fishing permit except those 15 years and younger or Missouri residents 65 years and older.
  3. Each angler shall keep their trout separate at all times and identified with their name and address.
  4. Daily limit is four, all brown trout must be equal to or greater than 15�. There is no length limit on rainbow trout. Possession limit is 8 trout.
  5. Only a single pole or rod may be used. Gigging, snaring or snagging is not permitted.
  6. No person shall continue to fish for any species in these trout waters after having four trout in possession.
  7. The use of game fish or parts thereof for bait is prohibited; chumming is not permitted.

Anglers need a fishing permit, unless exempt, as well as a daily trout tag. The daily trout tag is $3 for adults and $2 for those 15 and younger.

Fishing Hours

March6:30*  7:30**6:00*  7:00**

* - Central Standard Time
** - Daily Light Saving Time

Fishing Zones


Unlike the other trout parks in Missouri there are no specific zones for different baits in the park. The park does have a lot of power bait and eggs used by spin fishman. Although fly fishing is productive, it can be difficult when the park has a number of bait fisherman.

Camping In The Park

Site Information:

  1. Fifty-eight campsites are available adjacent to the Meramec River.
  2. Ten sites offer electric hookups.
  3. Each site contains a fire pit and a picnic table.
  4. Showers and restrooms are available in the campground.
  5. Camping season is February 28th - October 30th.

Camping Fees:

  1. Non-electric sites: $16 minimum per night for up to two adults.
  2. Electric sites: $36 minimum per night for up to two adults.
  3. $8.00 per night for each additional adult camper.
  4. No charge for children ages 7 years and under.


  1. Call 573-265-7387
  2. Rerservation Form - Click

Camping Regulations:

  1. Regulation Copy

Other Points of Interest

Contact Information:


James Foundation Office: (573) 265-7124
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Reception Building: (573) 265-7387

Maramec Museum: (573) 265-3527

Agriculture Museum: (573) 265-3837

Guide to Maramec Spring Parks - Guide

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