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Didymo - Rock Snot

Didymo, or rock snot, is a single-celled alga that can take over a stream making it impossible to fish. Help keep rock snot out of Missouri. Use wader wash stations at trout areas before entering a stream. Check your waders and fishing gear for algae. Clean all gear in a 2 percent bleach solution or with dishwashing detergent, or dry any item that's been in the water by exposing it to sunlight for 48 hours.

Note: To minimize the spread of didymo, pouous-soled waders and boots are prohibited in trout parks and other cold water trout streams.

Trout Management Categories for Ozark Streams

On a regular basis the Missouri Department of Conservation stocks the four trout parts and some of the cold water streams in Missouri. Two type of trout - rainbow and brown - are used in the stocking. Approximately 120 miles of Ozark streams provide quality trout angling.


The Missouri Department of Conservation has divided the trout streams of Missouri into three categories. These categories are Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon and White Ribbon streams. As you continue down the page, more information is available about each stream category and streams in that category. A Link have been given to the Perfect Fly Shop where excellent information about Missouri streams. Also, stream information has been taken from Missouri Trout Hunter

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Blue Ribbon Trout Areas

Blue Ribbon trout areas include parts of large, cold rivers with excellent trout habitat and smaller streams that support naturally reproducing rainbow trout. Harvest is limited to maintain the maximum density of adult trout, create excellent catch-and-release fishing, and provide the occasional chance to harvest a trophy. These areas on the Current and North Fork f the White rivers are stocked with brown trout, and the Eleven Point is stocked with rainbows.

Blue Ribbon

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Red Ribbon Trout Areas

Reb Ribbon trout areas have high-quality habitat stocked primarily with browns. They provide catch-and-release fishing and a chance to harvest quality-size trout.

Red Ribbon

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White Ribbon Trout Areas

White Ribbon trout areas are coldwater streams capable of supporting trout populations year-round. All receive periodic stockings of rainbow trout, and some also receive brown trout. They provide great opportunities for catching and harvesting trout and the occasional chance to harvest a large trout.

White Ribbon

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Report Stream Pollution

If you find dead fish, leaking barrels of unknown chemicals, municipal or livestock lagoons discharging poorly treated effluent, broken pipelines, or unauthorized dredging or bulldozing polluting a stream, report it as soon as possible to the Department of Natural Resource's 24-hour environmental emergency response number 573.634.2436.

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